Conférence 'Impact of the Rochechouart Asteroid'

28 mai 2019

L'association géologique du Luxembourg et le Musée d'histoire naturelle ont le plaisir d'inviter à la conférence:

Impact of the Rochechouart Asteroid

This public conference reviews the effects of the impact of a 2-3 km sized asteroid that collided with the Earth near Rochechouart (France), about 205 million years ago. An Impact generated tsunamite has been suggested at various locations in France and in EU since 2010. Recently Natascha Kuhlmann (University of Bonn) identified similar effects in the NE Paris Basin including Luxembourg. We shall see why the remnants of this cataclysmic event constitute an exceptional resource for planetary science and for humanity at large, and how the worldwide community is getting organized via the CIRIR, for valorizing it. Looking back into the past, the Rochechouart Geoheritage holds the keys for enlightening large impact cratering mechanics and beyond, for understanding the origin of planets and the origin of life. Looking toward the future Rochechouart is a natural laboratory for learning and training in the context of the threat of asteroid impacts on Earth and in the prospect of an economic exploitation of the Moon and asteroids which are 100% made by impact and permanently reprocessed by impact.

  • Conférencier: Dr. Philippe Lambert – Founding director CIRIR (Center for International Research & Restitution on Impacts and on Rochechouart)
  • Langue: anglais
  • Quand: Mardi 28 mai à 18 h 00
  • Lieu: Salle de conférence du ‘natur musée’ (Musée national d'histoire naturelle Luxembourg)